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Kaeo - Matauri Bay - Whangaroa

About the forecast areas

The 2019 population forecast for Kaeo - Matauri Bay - Whangaroa is 3,252, and is forecast to grow to 3,337 by 2043.

Kaeo - Matauri Bay – Whangaroa is bounded by the Pacific Ocean in the north, the locality of Kapiro in the east, the localities of Waihou Valley-Hupara and Hokianga North in the south, and the locality of Karikari Peninsula-Maungataniwha in the west.

Matauri Bay is named from the Māori words “ma” meaning “stream” and “tauri” meaning “feathered ornament”. Kaeo is named from a Māori word meaning “a freshwater shellfish”. Whangaroa is named after the harbour, which is named from Māori words, with “whanga” meaning “harbour” and “roa” meaning “long”.

Forecast areas
Kaeo - Matauri Bay - Whangaroa