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Household types map

Between 2013 and 2043, Far North District Council forecasts indicate that Kerikeri Township Surrounds will have the greatest increase in household type 'Group households'.

Mapping the distribution of different household types across the Far North District Council provides insight into the roles that different areas play in the housing market and how these are changing. It also identifies where there are concentrations of households which have specific service requirements. You can learn more about how places move through cycles of change which affect their household structure by visiting household types.

Forecast household types - Group households
Far North District Council20132043Change between 2013 and 2043
Far North District5012.27312.2+230+45.9
Far North District6,00126.39,58929.2+3,588+59.8
Far North District3,03713.34,10912.5+1,072+35.3
Far North District5,47024.06,70920.4+1,239+22.7
Far North District7,04830.910,93033.3+3,882+55.1
Far North District7813.48002.4+19+2.4
Ahipara and Herekino Area171.4201.3+3+17.6
Ahipara and Herekino Area26422.547330.8+209+79.2
Ahipara and Herekino Area15212.917111.1+19+12.5
Ahipara and Herekino Area36531.137324.3+8+2.2
Ahipara and Herekino Area33428.446029.9+126+37.7
Ahipara and Herekino Area433.7392.5-4-9.3
Bay of Island Rural331.7562.2+23+69.7
Bay of Island Rural38319.667426.0+291+76.0
Bay of Island Rural19510.02328.9+37+19.0
Bay of Island Rural54627.950619.5-40-7.3
Bay of Island Rural74938.31,07841.5+329+43.9
Bay of Island Rural482.5501.9+2+4.2
Kaeo - Matauri Bay - Whangaroa231.8462.2+23+100.0
Kaeo - Matauri Bay - Whangaroa37729.769533.9+318+84.4
Kaeo - Matauri Bay - Whangaroa15812.423611.5+78+49.4
Kaeo - Matauri Bay - Whangaroa28122.138018.5+99+35.2
Kaeo - Matauri Bay - Whangaroa38730.564131.2+254+65.6
Kaeo - Matauri Bay - Whangaroa443.5542.6+10+22.7
Kaikohe Township382.8562.5+18+47.4
Kaikohe Township35326.171932.3+366+103.7
Kaikohe Township31523.346621.0+151+47.9
Kaikohe Township31123.045620.5+145+46.6
Kaikohe Township26219.444720.1+185+70.6
Kaikohe Township745.5793.6+5+6.8
Kaitaia Township552.9933.3+38+69.1
Kaitaia Township58130.992033.1+339+58.3
Kaitaia Township36219.348717.5+125+34.5
Kaitaia Township41121.954419.6+133+32.4
Kaitaia Township37620.062622.5+250+66.5
Kaitaia Township935.01083.9+15+16.1
Kapiro Area161.4211.4+5+31.3
Kapiro Area20318.329820.1+95+46.8
Kapiro Area1059.41419.5+36+34.3
Kapiro Area32729.436224.5+35+10.7
Kapiro Area43939.563542.9+196+44.6
Kapiro Area222.0221.500
Karikari Peninsula - Maungataniwha311.7381.6+7+22.6
Karikari Peninsula - Maungataniwha48326.069628.7+213+44.1
Karikari Peninsula - Maungataniwha20310.926010.7+57+28.1
Karikari Peninsula - Maungataniwha44423.946219.0+18+4.1
Karikari Peninsula - Maungataniwha63934.490737.3+268+41.9
Karikari Peninsula - Maungataniwha603.2662.7+6+10.0
Kawakawa - Moerewa192.0251.8+6+31.6
Kawakawa - Moerewa25426.539228.9+138+54.3
Kawakawa - Moerewa20121.026919.8+68+33.8
Kawakawa - Moerewa25126.232123.7+70+27.9
Kawakawa - Moerewa18319.129822.0+115+62.8
Kawakawa - Moerewa515.3513.800
Kerikeri Township392.7722.6+33+84.6
Kerikeri Township47432.885830.9+384+81.0
Kerikeri Township18713.037313.4+186+99.5
Kerikeri Township31121.562222.4+311+100.0
Kerikeri Township40428.081229.2+408+101.0
Kerikeri Township292.0411.5+12+41.4
Kerikeri Township Surrounds231.7421.5+19+82.6
Kerikeri Township Surrounds27019.658121.0+311+115.2
Kerikeri Township Surrounds1108.02218.0+111+100.9
Kerikeri Township Surrounds38527.966924.2+284+73.8
Kerikeri Township Surrounds56741.11,22144.1+654+115.3
Kerikeri Township Surrounds231.7341.2+11+47.8
Kohukohu and Hokianga North area172.2161.8-1-5.9
Kohukohu and Hokianga North area24831.629733.8+49+19.8
Kohukohu and Hokianga North area10913.912113.8+12+11.0
Kohukohu and Hokianga North area17322.117219.6-1-0.6
Kohukohu and Hokianga North area19825.324227.6+44+22.2
Kohukohu and Hokianga North area395.0303.4-9-23.1
Mangonui - Coopers Beach - Cable Bay313.7613.4+30+96.8
Mangonui - Coopers Beach - Cable Bay28734.062134.8+334+116.4
Mangonui - Coopers Beach - Cable Bay9010.71749.7+84+93.3
Mangonui - Coopers Beach - Cable Bay12815.224213.6+114+89.1
Mangonui - Coopers Beach - Cable Bay29034.466437.2+374+129.0
Mangonui - Coopers Beach - Cable Bay182.1231.3+5+27.8
North Cape - Houhora - Awanui201.4201.300
North Cape - Houhora - Awanui35325.146930.3+116+32.9
North Cape - Houhora - Awanui18012.818411.9+4+2.2
North Cape - Houhora - Awanui39728.336423.5-33-8.3
North Cape - Houhora - Awanui40929.147830.8+69+16.9
North Cape - Houhora - Awanui463.3352.3-11-23.9
Ohaewai and Kaikohe Surrounds211.8231.7+2+9.5
Ohaewai and Kaikohe Surrounds28524.134826.0+63+22.1
Ohaewai and Kaikohe Surrounds17715.018814.1+11+6.2
Ohaewai and Kaikohe Surrounds30726.030022.5-7-2.3
Ohaewai and Kaikohe Surrounds32827.842732.0+99+30.2
Ohaewai and Kaikohe Surrounds635.3503.7-13-20.6
Paihia - Opua and Haruru Falls402.8612.7+21+52.5
Paihia - Opua and Haruru Falls38426.761126.9+227+59.1
Paihia - Opua and Haruru Falls1218.41908.4+69+57.0
Paihia - Opua and Haruru Falls25918.039017.2+131+50.6
Paihia - Opua and Haruru Falls60141.897943.1+378+62.9
Paihia - Opua and Haruru Falls322.2391.7+7+21.9
Rawene - Opononi - Omapere and Hokianga South Area483.3493.1+1+2.1
Rawene - Opononi - Omapere and Hokianga South Area45431.253033.0+76+16.7
Rawene - Opononi - Omapere and Hokianga South Area24516.825415.8+9+3.7
Rawene - Opononi - Omapere and Hokianga South Area27518.926616.6-9-3.3
Rawene - Opononi - Omapere and Hokianga South Area37826.046128.7+83+22.0
Rawene - Opononi - Omapere and Hokianga South Area553.8442.7-11-20.0
Russell and Rawhiti and Surrounds302.2312.1+1+3.3
Russell and Rawhiti and Surrounds34925.940728.2+58+16.6
Russell and Rawhiti and Surrounds1249.21419.8+17+13.7
Russell and Rawhiti and Surrounds30022.327919.3-21-7.0
Russell and Rawhiti and Surrounds50437.455338.3+49+9.7
Russell and Rawhiti and Surrounds413.0342.4-7-17.1
Source: Population and household forecasts, 2013 to 2043, prepared by .id (informed decisions), November 2019.

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