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Gracefield - Seaview - Waiwhetu

About the forecast areas

The 2022 population forecast for Gracefield - Seaview - Waiwhetu is 4,403, and is forecast to grow to 4,533 by 2043.

Gracefield - Seaview - Waiwhetu is bounded by the railway line, Guthrie Street, Riverside Drive Central and the locality of Waterloo East in the north, the localities of Arakura and Parkway in the east, the locality of Eastbourne and Marine Drive in the south, and Wellington Harbour, the Hutt River, Waione Street, Randwick Road and Elizabeth Street in the west. This area also includes two small islands located to the south-west of the mainland. Waiwhetu is named from words meaning 'star-reflecting stream'.

Forecast areas
Gracefield - Seaview - Waiwhetu