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Otaki Forks-Kaitawa-Te Horo

About the forecast areas

The 2019 population forecast for Otaki Forks-Kaitawa-Te Horo is 3,897, and is forecast to grow to 4,352 by 2043.

Otaki Forks – Kaitawa – Te Horo is bounded by the Horowhenua District and Tararua Forest Park in the north, the Tararua Forest and Akatawa Forest to the east, State Highway 1 and Porirua City to the south and the Tasman Sea to the west. The place name Ōtaki is derived from Te Takitaki o Hau (the place where Hau placed his staff in the ground and intoned a ritual). Kaitawa is named from the Māori words 'kai' meaning 'food' and 'tawa' meaning 'tree'. Te Horo was named after the Otaraua Chief, Hau Te Horo.

Forecast areas
Otaki Forks-Kaitawa-Te Horo