Kāpiti Coast DistrictPopulation forecast
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Paraparaumu Beach North - Otaihanga - Kapiti Island

About the forecast areas

The 2019 population forecast for Paraparaumu Beach North - Otaihanga - Kapiti Island is 5,177, and is forecast to grow to 5,884 by 2043.

Paraparaumu Beach North – Otaihanga – Kāpiti Island includes a land-bound section and Kāpiti Island. It is bounded by the Waikanae River to the north, State Highway 1 and the railway line to the east, Martin Road, Mazengarb Road, Ratanui Road and Otaihanga Road to the south and Kāpiti Island in the west. The place name Paraparaumu means morsels and sediment. It is said Hau likened the sea foam on the shoreline to the morsels around a huge oven. The place name Otaihanga means 'Place made by the tide'. Kāpiti Island is derived from the full name Te Waewae Kāpiti o Tara rāua ko Rangitāne (The joined footprints of Tara and Rangitāne). Kāpiti Island indicated the land boundaries for both iwi; Ngāi Tara - Kāpiti Island South and Rangitāne - Kāpiti Island North.

Forecast areas
Paraparaumu Beach North - Otaihanga - Kapiti Island