Kāpiti Coast DistrictPopulation forecast
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About the forecast areas

The 2018 population forecast for Waikanae-Reikorangi is 6,881, and is forecast to grow to 8,927 by 2043.

Waikanae-Reikorangi is bounded by State Highway 1, the area at the end of Huia Street and the localities of Otaki Forks-Kaitawa-Te Horo and Waikanae Beach-Peka Peka to the north, the Hemi Matenga Memorial Park and the area behind the end of Rangiora Road to the east, the Waikanae River and localities of Paraparaumu Beach North-Otaihanga-Kāpiti Island and Otaki Forks-Kaitawa-Te Horo to the south and Waikanae Park, Nga Manu Nature Reserve and the locality of Waikanae Park to the west. The place name Waikanae is derived from the river of kanae (mullet) Hau saw while following Wairaka. Reikorangi translated into English means ‘the gate’ or ‘gateway to heaven’. This originated from when a young slave was sent into the valley but did not return. It was assumed he had entered heaven.