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Bastia Hill-Durie Hill-Putiki

About the forecast areas

The 2019 population forecast for Bastia Hill-Durie Hill-Putiki is 2,520, and is forecast to grow to 2,544 by 2043.

Bastia Hill - Durie Hill - Putiki is bounded by Anzac Parade, Mount View Road, Ikitara Road and the suburb of Kowhai Park in the north, the locality of Marybank-Gordon Park in the east, Bates Road in the south, and the Whanganui River in the west. Bastia Hill is named after Bastia in Corsica, France. Durie Hill is named after Major Durie, an early resident magistrate. Putiki was originally named Pūtiki-Wharanui-a-Tamatea-Pōkaiwhenua, meaning 'the place where Tamatea tied his topknot with flax'.

Forecast areas
Bastia Hill-Durie Hill-Putiki